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Kitty wearing a paper crown is the king of the house and he knows it

Hi there! My name is Claudia.

Claudia Buddy and a horse
I’m 48, I’m the proud mother of both human and non-human children, and we’re all originally from NY.
Happy puppy kissing Claudia Boddy

5 years ago

I was able to retire early from my career managing a Horse Farm, and move us here to Tucson: pets and plants and all!

I started pet sitting.

As I have worked in grooming shops, show barns, product sales, rescues, etc, my Vet started recommending me to some of his clients who had pets that were a bit unique:

A one-eyed killer Shi Tzu that needed drops in that eye 2x a day

A clumsy Appaloosa who was also somehow clearly a Hypochondriac

The 125lb Akita who, through intimidation tactics, scared anyone who arrived at the front door from entering

Two Red-Tailed Boa Constrictors who needed a Summer Home

A foul-mouthed Rainbow Lorikeet who reminded everyone of a certain Stephen King clown

Soon, my kids joined in and it has become a family business! The people in our life rely on us to take care of their fur babies. And now that the world is getting closer to normal, I’m here to tell fellow Tucsonans that we would love to help take care of your four-legged children as well.

Or hoofed.
Or two legged.
Or no feet.

You get the picture.
Claudia and her daugther Aria

We’ve got you fam.

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tortoise having grass for lunch
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