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This is compiled list of the countless types of animals we have rescued, rehabbed, and/or worked with –
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All sizes and breeds


All breeds
super cute yellow-eyed cat



• Red-tailed Boa
• Ball Python
• Burmese Python
• California King
• Corn Snake
• Milk Snake


• Leopard Gecko
• Golden Gecko
• Tokay Gecko

Bearded dragons

• Blood & Snow


• Red-eared Slider
• No. American Snapping


• Iguana
• Black Cayman
• Solomon Islands Skink
• Veiled Chameleon
• Golden Mali Uromastyx


• African Cichlids
• Red-bellied Piranha
• Pacu
• Tropical Fish
• Koi & Other Pond Fish

blue angelfish

small animals

• Hamster
• Gerbil
• Ferret
• Chinchilla
• Hooded Rat
• Guinea Pig
• Mice
• Sugar Glider
• Hedgehog
• Rabbit
super cute hedgehog worndering if I'm holding food in my hand


• Cockatiel
• Quaker
• Cockatoo
• Lorikeet
• Parakeet
• Dove
• Turkey

Arachnids / INSECTS

• Desert Tarantula
• Pink-toed Tarantula
• Cobalt Blue Tarantula
• Black Emperor Scorpion
• Madagascar Hissing
• Cockroach
• Live food (Crickets, Meal Worms, Silk Worms, Wax Worms)
A Tarantula being tarantulous

Farm Animals

• Horse (Regular and Miniature)
• Pony
• Donkey
• Pig (Vietnamese
• Pot Bellied included)
• Chickens
• Guinea Hens
• Goats
• Cows
Big and happy farm pig
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